March 19, 2017

Israel now has over 40 boutique breweries, many indulging in all sorts of local fun fare (Negev mango beer, for example.) 

March 18, 2017

A tour of (Thursday nights only) a winding late night tour of the gourmet Sabbath kitchens serving the local ultra-Orthodox community, including more kugels, more pickled fish and much, much more cholent than you can eat.  

March 17, 2017

What does a Copt eat for Easter lunch? Why is Armenian dried beef different from all other dried beefs? Who makes carob syrup, and what is it good for? Where do you find the best pastelikos? What is the origin of Galilean honey distillate? What is the addictive, sweet-...

March 16, 2017

Taste the foods of a traditional Palestinian Christian Lent; the renowned delicacies of Ramadan in Jerusalem; gorge on intriguing (and gluten-free!) Passover baking. There's a tour of Hanukkah doughnuts (with a surprising East Jerusalem excursion;) and a tour of the Ar...

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